Packaging of All Type Materials

Providing packaging solutions for the industrial sector has been a cornerstone of Total Tele Infra Solutions extensive history. Currently, our focus lies within the Telecom, Vehicles, Energy, Aerospace,  Healthcare Equipment and All Types of Material and the many challenges that they can face when shipping their product from A to B.

Our goal is to provide complete packaging solutions which lower your total cost while minimizing environmental impact.

Total Tele Infra Solutions has the capability to offer solutions that cover a wide range of packaging materials. Different available materials include Plywood, Wood, Corrugated, Plastic, and Steel – not to mention the many possibilities available for inner packaging as well.

Total Tele Infra Solutions can supply you with engineered solutions that are made to specifically benefit your situation. We excel in providing solutions that are optimized for different transportation modes and conditions, while keeping an attention to detail on the product needs and characteristics.

Packaging for the industrial sector has many different implications than its consumer packaging counterparts. For one, the quality of the packaging material must be much greater in most cases, as it protects products that are potentially more valuable and sensitive. Another aspect is the choice of packaging material must be much greater, as there are many more needs and factors to consider. At Total Tele Infra Solutions, we have experience for supporting several sectors and have the capability to design and test industrial packaging to find what benefits your situation the most.